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Membership details

We are working hard at the moment to get everything in place for our Swim21 accreditation, which is happening early in the new year. This is vitally important for the club and we need all members and parents to help us make this as trouble free as possible. One of the first things we are working on is getting our membership database up to date. If you have changed any of your details (address, home or mobile phone numbers, email adress, school, etc) in the last 6 months please can you email your details to the membership secretaries, Fiona Cross or Catherine Lewis, or see them directly at Cheam or Morden.

Black Swan Open Meet - Excel, 12th January 2011

Cheam Marcuda squad at the Black swan open meetThe new year has kicked off with our first gala, the Black Swan Level 3 Open Meet, at the Excel Pool in Walton on Thames last Saturday. With 11 swimmers entered there was a reasonable team there to compete and we did very well coming away with plenty of medals. We didn't have to wait long for our first medals with Amelia Spurin getting gold in the event 1, the 200m IM and Tezel Hopper also getting gold in event 2, the boys 50m backstroke. There was another gold for Tezel a couple of events later when he walk away with top spot again in the 50m freestyle. In the next event, the 50m fly, Amelia got her second medal of the day, this time winning bronze, Event 10 was the 100m IM and almost all of the boys there were entered. In the 9 year age group Dario Kan came away with bronze and in the 14 year age group Aaron Prince won gold. It was a good event for all our swimmers as they all beat their PBs times by 4 seconds or more. Event 10 was the last in the afternoon session and left Tezel sitting at the top of the leader board as best boy at the meet.

We moved swiftly into the evening session and it carried on in the same style for Aaron as he came away with gold in the first event, the 200m IM, beating his seeded time by a whopping 11 seconds. It was Hallie’s turn next for a medal, coming second in the 50m backstroke before Amelia followed up with another silver medal in the 100m butterfly. We had 3 swimmers in the same heat in the next event, the 100m freestyle, where Nathan was narrowly beaten into 4th place in the 12 year age group leaving Aaron and Tezel to battle it out in the 14 year age group. Tezel came 3rd, winning bronze, and Aaron walked away with the gold. With 4 events remaining there was still time for more medals. The next event was the 50m freestyle where Hallie swam another great PB to come away with Bronze in the 9 year age group and Sian won her first medal in the 12 year age group coming second. There was a nervous wait for Scott Prince after the next event, the 50m butterfly, but even though he swam a fantastic PB he was narrowly beaten into 4th place. However, Aaron continued his medal collection winning bronze. It was left to Aaron to swim in our last race of the meet, the 100m backstroke where he was in one of the closest races of the day. Although he had already swum 4 races he almost managed another PB and that time was good enough to secure a silver medal.

It was a good meet for the team with almost everyone either getting a medal or beating a previous PB. At the end of the day it was also announce that Aaron had won top boy over the whole meet which is a great achievement, well done, Aaron.

The whole team was Hallie Agabeg, Dario Kan, Josh Eves, Scott Prince, Nathan Eves, Sian Hilditch, Ryan Kan, Tezel Hopper, Clara Kan, Aaron Prince, Catherine Spurin and Amelia Spurin. Well done to everyone who competed. If you would like to enter any open meets throughout the year, then look out for details on the website or at club nights.

Success for Cheam Marcuda at Junior Borough Gala - 5th February

There were plenty of medals of all colours at this years Junior Borough Gala at Cheam LC on Saturday 5th February. It was a graded gala, so there were medals for grade 1,2 and 3 times. There was Grade 2 gold for Hallie in event 1, the year 4/5 Breaststroke, which was matched by Sophie in the year 6 event. In the boys Freestyle there was grade 1 bronze for Josh in year 4/5 and a grade 2 gold and silver for Spiros and Scott in year 6, with Zane narrowly missing out on a medal with a grade 1, 4th place. In year 6 breaststroke there was a grade 2 silver for Scott and grade 3 silver and bronze for Zane and Spiros. There was more success in the butterfly, which was across all the years. There was grade 3 gold for Amber and in the boys there was grade 1 bronze for Zane, grade 2 gold for Josh and grade 3 silver for Spiros. Amber was also on the podium in the next event, year 6 freestyle, winning grade 2 bronze. Finally there was a big medal haul in the backstroke events. In year 4/5 there was grade 1 gold for Josh and in year 6 it was grade 1 bronze for Zane, grade 2 gold for Spiros and grade 3 gold for Scott.

Well done to everyone who won medals on the night and to all the other club swimmers who took part and events. See the full list of results on the Results Page.

Success for Cheam Marcuda swimmers at Ponds Forge - 26th/27th February

Cheam Marcuda swimmers Lauren Sullivan and James Naidoo both won gold at Ponds Forge, Sheffield in the Disability Sport Events National Junior Swimming Championships over the weekend 26/27th February.

Lauren and James were both selected to swim for the Greater London team and both came away having won gold. James won 1 gold medal and Lauren won 3 in her events, in the s6 category. In addition, she took 17.33 seconds off her previous personal best time in 100m free, with new personal bests in her two other events as well (9.66 seconds off her 100m back and 13.24 off her 50m free!). Well done, to James and Lauren.

Surreys success for Cheam Swimmers

Cheam Marcuda squad at the Surrey championshipsCheam Marcuda swimmers Nathan Eves, Athena Lewis Gkogka, Aaron Prince and Stan Hau all took part in the Surrey Championships at Crystal Palace on Sunday 6th March. The morning began well with Athena reaching the finals of the Girls 14 Year Old 50m Free and 50m Breast where she got 8th place in the Free (30.92 sec)‚ and 6th place in the Breast (41.50 sec). Stan also reached the final of the Boys 16 and Over 50m Breast and with an exceptional swim won the Bronze medal in a time of 31.11 sec.

The afternoon session saw Nathan and Stan compete in a very tough Boys 50m Free event. In the 12 Year Old event Nathan swam an excellent PB of 31.45 sec to claim 16th place and Stan came 15th in the 16 and Over age group with a time of 26.33 sec. The 50m Back events followed with Athena and Aaron both swimming in the 14 Year Old age group. Athena finished 10th with 37.73 sec and Aaron reached the final producing a fantastic swim to take 4th place in a time of 33.89sec.

After being at Crystal Palace for 9 hours Athena swam in the final event of the day which was the Girls 50m Fly. Once again she reached the final, this time taking 7th place in a time of 33.76sec. Well Done to the four of them for qualifying for the Surreys and swimming so well on Sunday.

The previous Sunday saw Stan and Athena swimming in the Surreys at Guildford on the IM and 200m events. Stan did exceptionally well winning the Boys 16 and Over 100m IM in a time of 1:00.38, which means Cheam Marcuda has a Surrey Champion. Stan also came 2nd in the Boys 16 and over 200m Breaststroke in 2:28.88. Athena swum a PB in the Girls 14 year old 200m Breaststroke and came 6th with a time of 3:06.39 (which was one place higher than her qualifying position).

Club captains

Congratulations to Tezel Hopper and Chloe Semikin who have been voted as the club captains for 2011.

Bognor Regis open meet 29th May

Cheam Marcuda squad at Bognor RegisAfter an early start for some, 11 Cheam Marcuda swimmers took part in this open meet with numerous medals and PB's being set. The whole team was Hallie Agabeg, Hannah Morris, Shaun Carpenter, Simone Morris, Ben Jackson, Zane Ridge, Scott Prince, Imogen Parrish, Heather Ford, Sofia Gomes and Massimo Gomes.

The morning session took off to a good start with Hallie taking the 3rd 52.36 B time and Simone 1st 52.12 C time in the breaststroke. With some fantastic PB's from the other swimmers. Our next medal came from Simone, in freestyle which gave her a 2nd 43.23 C time. Next it was the turn of Shaun who received 3rd 43.64 C time in the backstroke.

The afternoon session was just as good as the morning, again with the swimmers moving up grades and receiving PB's. Our first set of medals came from Zane and Scott in the backstroke. Zane taking 2nd 39.91 A time and Scott 49.14 C time. Next Sofia won 3rd place in the freestyle with a time of 39.42 C grade. In the breaststroke Zane came 1st 55.53 C time, and in the butterfly 1st 47.81 C time with Scott taking the 3rd spot in a time of 48.43 C time.

In the freestyle Zane took his 3rd medal of the day in a time of 36.55 B time, and Heather in the backstroke received 2nd place 41.28 C time.

A big well done to everyone who took part. If you would like to enter any open meets throughout the year, then look out for details at club nights.

Cranleigh open meet 19th June

Cheam Marcuda squad at Cranleigh openA small team of four swimmers took part in the Cranleigh Open on 16th June with plenty of medals being won during the day.

The first session got off to a good start with a bronze for Hallie Agabeg in the 200m breaststroke, a distance she has never competed in before. Our next medal was a silver for Teao Hughes in the 200m butterfly quickly followed by gold medals for sisters Lucy and Chloe Semikin for coming top in their age groups in the 50m backstroke.

There were plenty more medals in the second session, starting with another bronze for Hallie in the 200m freestyle; all three girls swam in the 50m breaststroke with Hallie gaining yet another bronze and Lucy and Chloe each winning silver with Teao taking a bronze in the boys event.

Hallie and Chloe both came first in their age groups to win golds in the 200m backstroke.

The last event of the day saw all swimmer taking part in the the 50m freestyle with Hallie taking bronze, Lucy 4th place, Teao with another silver and Chloe winning the event to be awarded with her third gold medal of the gala.

A fantastic result for all those who swam..

Leatherhead summer meet 26th June

Cheam Marcuda were represented by four swimmers at the Leatherhead Summer Meet on the 26th June. The standard at this meet was very high, with lots of swimmers in many of the age groups.

The only swimmer in the first session was Hallie Agabeg who came away with 5th place in the first race, the 200m freestyle and won her fist medal of the day, a bronze, in the 50m breaststroke.

In the second session by George Blythe and Alex Wimbush came in 4th and 5th respectively in the 100m Individual Medley. This was also Hallie's next race and she managed to knock 3 seconds off her PB to win a silver medal.

Despite a big age group in the 12 year olds Imogen Parrish came a respectable 14th in the IM and 16th in the 100m freestyle.

George and Alex also swam together in the 100m backstroke and gained 5th and 7th places with George also coming 6th in the 200m freestyle. These were excellent results for George who has not swum for two months after breaking his arm.

In the last session Imogen gained her best placing of 12th in the 100m breaststroke, with Hallie coming 6th in the 50m freestyle; both age groups had many swimmers taking part. The gala finished as well as it had started with yet another medal for Hallie who won a silver in the 50m backstroke.

Well done to all swimmers; this was a tough gala!

Godalming summer B+ grade meet 3rd July

Cheam Marcuda swimmers, Alex Wimbush, Hallie Agabeg and Scott Prince all took part in the Godalming Open Meet. With the first race starting at 8.30 it was an early start for some. All three swimmers swam their best and this showed in the amount of ribbons, medals and speeding tickets they received.

In the morning session Scott took 6th place in the 100m IM and 4th in the 50m freestyle. This was followed up by Alex taking 4th place in the 100m backstroke.

After lunch it was the turn of Hallie and Scott, with Hallie receiving a speeding ticket in the 200m freestyle and Scott coming in 3rd place in his 200m. Again in the 50m fly there was a 5th place for Scott and a 3rd place for Hallie. In the last event for our swimmers it was Scott taking 6th place in the backstroke.

A big well done to everyone who took part. If you would like to enter any open meets throughout the year, then look out for details here or at club nights.

Coaches versus swimmers race

This took place at Morden on Monday 18th July. After a hard fought session the result came down to the last event with the coaches ultimately coming out victorious.

Well done everyone for taking part in what was an enjoyable evening and a bit different from the normal end of season fun nights.

Thank you Ashleigh for arranging this.

Club Championships 2011

All Cheam Marcuda swimmers are invited to enter the 2011 Club Championships. We have once again scheduled a wide range of events for all age groups and we hope that as many swimmers as possible will take part.

GALA 1 will take place at Cheam Leisure Centre on Tuesday 1st November where the FREESTYLE,BACKSTROKE AND BUTTERFLY events will be swum.

GALA 2 will take place at Morden Park Pool on Wednesday 9th November where the BREASTSTROKE,INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY AND 220YDS FREESTYLE events will be swum.

Swimmers may enter as many events in their age group as they wish. Please note: Age groups are determined by the age of the swimmer on 31st December 2011.

Both nights will commence at 7pm with a 20 minute warm up and races will begin at 7.20pm. Every swimmer will be given a waterproof Cheam Marcuda Tattoo as they arrive to wear while they are swimming. For those of you new to competing in the Club Championships please speak to your child's coach if you are unsure which events your child should enter. All swimmers are encouraged to take part in at least one or two events.

There will be a charge of £1 per event to help towards the cost of Medals and Trophies. Gold,Silver and Bronze Medals will be presented to the top 3 swimmers in each event at the end of the evening. In each event the winners name will be engraved on a Club Trophy and presented to them at this year's Club Christmas Party. All swimmers will be presented with a Club Certificate for taking part in the Galas.

Please complete the attached entry form and return it with the correct entry fee to Fiona Cross at Cheam Leisure Centre or Dennis Griffiths at Morden Park Pool. You can also email the form to Dennis by Friday 28th October 2011 at the latest.


All results on our Result page

London Borough of Sutton Swimming Championships 2011

The Association held its Annual Championship Gala at Cheam Leisure Centre on Thursday 17th November 2011.

Well Done to all the Cheam Marcuda swimmers who took part in the London Borough Of Sutton Championship Gala at Cheam Leisure Centre last Thursday. This gala is open to all swimmers aged 12 to 18 years old and a lot of our swimmers took part this year, many for the first time. It is a time graded gala so medals are awarded to the first three places in the A, B and C grade categories. In total we won 28 individual Gold,Silver and Bronze medals with the girls U14 relay team winning silver in the Swimming Club Relay.

The swimmers who took part and swam so well were:
GIRLS: Ashlyn Whitty Catherine Spurin Charlotte Byford Clara Kan Emily Newton Hannah Morris Heather Ford Keely Nelson Rebecca Davies Sian Hilditch Simone Morris
BOYS: Ben Adey, Branko Jakovic, George Blythe, Luke Mills, Ryan Kan, Shaun Carpenter, Spiros Gkogkas, Teao Hughes, Tezel Hopper

Ben, Tezel, Charlotte and Ashlyn all made it on to the podium to collect their individual Silver and Bronze medals and Catherine Spurin won Gold and became Borough Champion in the Girls 16yrs & Over Freestyle and was presented with the Borough Trophy for that event. Well Done Catherine!

The full results are here.

Christmas Party 3rd December 2011

Christmas DJ discoThis years Christmas Party has been booked for 7pm till 10.30 at Emmanuel Church Hall, Dudley Drive Morden.

Tickets are now on sale at Morden from Anne and at Cheam from Fiona.

Ticket Prices are Adults £5 Children (U16) £3 and Family (2 Adults + 2 Children) £15

Last year's disco and party was a great success and was enjoyed by the swimmers and parents alike. This year promises to be another great night so come along and have some fun! There will also be a (short) presentation of Trophies.

There will be a bar available selling both alcoholic and soft drinks. You can also bring your own food and drinks. Under 16's MUST be accompanied by an adult.

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