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Events and results 2012

Date Name Venue Results
2012-01-21 Octopus League (Round 1) Beckenham Download Octopus League (Round 1) results  Download Octopus League (Round 1) results  
2012-01-28 London borough of Sutton junior championships Cheam Download London borough of Sutton junior championships results  Download London borough of Sutton junior championships results  
2012-02-18 Alice Dauncey memorial trophy Crawley Download Alice Dauncey memorial trophy results  Download Alice Dauncey memorial trophy results  
2012-03-03 Wey Junior B League (Round 1) Bognor Download Wey Junior B League (Round 1) results  Download Wey Junior B League (Round 1) results  
2012-03-24 Octopus League (Round 2) Beckenham Download Octopus League (Round 2) results  Download Octopus League (Round 2) results  
2012-05-12 Angela Sharp gala Trinity School Download Angela Sharp gala results  Download Angela Sharp gala results  
2012-05-15 Turnbull gala Cheam Download Turnbull gala results  Download Turnbull gala results  
2012-05-26 Octopus League (Round 3) Beckenham Download Octopus League (Round 3) results  Download Octopus League (Round 3) results  
2012-06-02 Gadston Voller relay gala Crawley Download Gadston Voller relay gala results  Download Gadston Voller relay gala results  
2012-07-14 Octopus League (Round 4) Beckenham Download Octopus League (Round 4) results  Download Octopus League (Round 4) results  
2012-09-15 Octopus League (Round 5) Beckenham Download Octopus League (Round 5) results  Download Octopus League (Round 5) results  
2012-10-06 Octopus League (Round 6) Beckenham Download Octopus League (Round 6) results  Download Octopus League (Round 6) results  
2012-10-13 National Swimming League (Round 1) Dover Download National Swimming League (Round 1) results  Download National Swimming League (Round 1) results  
2012-11-06 Club Championships - Gala 1 Cheam Download Club Championships - Gala 1 results  Download Club Championships - Gala 1 results  
2012-11-10 National Swimming League (Round 2) Sevenoaks Download National Swimming League (Round 2) results  Download National Swimming League (Round 2) results  
2012-11-14 Club Championships - Gala 2 Cheam Download Club Championships - Gala 2 results  Download Club Championships - Gala 2 results  
2012-12-08 National Swimming League (Round 3) Beckenham Download National Swimming League (Round 3) results  Download National Swimming League (Round 3) results  
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